Space Cowgirls


"SPACE COWGIRLS" is a series that explores humanity’s relationship with the land and this planet we call “Earth.” The figures began as tourists, visiting national parks and famous vistas from another time or dimension, and have since taken on more of a guardianship role in the paintings. I believe there is a whole lot more going on “out there” than we can see, and my love of UFO folklore (particularly in the southwest) and the paranormal informs my subject matter.

The early paintings were done in watercolor and I later switched to acrylic, and the figures were first created using tracing paper and I have since switched to glassine. Their details are drawn in using pencil or gel pen. Some of the work is framed - I use old reclaimed wooden frames when I can find them, otherwise they are supplied by a custom frame builder from Salt Lake City.

It's my intention that the work will make viewers curious about what could be out there amongst the terrestrial vistas which have captured humanity's imaginations for centuries, and perhaps encourage the viewer to consider their own relationship with our planet.