Announcing the Print of the Month Club!

Hey, guess what?!


I've officially released a whole new set of reward tiers over on that I'm calling the Print of the Month Club! Now you can choose desktop/mobile wallpapers, stickers, postcards, prints, and more based on a different image from my catalog every month. It's a great way to start collecting your favorite paintings of mine in print-form.

So, head on over to and click the big orange "Become a Patron" button on the right-hand side up there to take a look at the rewards you get for supporting me! I've also got some new goals set up - let's see if we can get to that first one before May (when the FIRST PRINT ships out!) Be thinking of your questions... 

If you've been following me for a while and you'd like to help me keep doing what I love and making this work AND start collecting my past work, please consider becoming a patron and join the club!

Also, help me spread the word about the Print of the Month Club by sharing this post on your socials! Thanks for doing that!