"SPACE COWGIRLS" is an exploration into themes of nostalgia, loss, and preservation through anachronistic dreamscapes. The series is set in the southwest because I fell in love with that part of the US after taking a trip into southern Utah and learning that my great grandma, who lived on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, also loved to paint those landscapes. I'm inspired by the folklore and stories of UFO sightings in the southwestern USA, and my own love since childhood of adventures in the Old West and Outer Space.

In this series I hope to explore several ideas, such as why it is important to conserve our natural landscapes for future generations, what we can do to appreciate our ancient connection to this planet, and also to consider our current understanding of human history in a new way. The world is a big and mysterious place... and I hope I have captured some of the magic and mystery found in the Southwest in "Space Cowgirls." 

This series can be viewed in the Santa Cruz, CA area throughout the summer. Details here >>>