Activity Book for Kids Issue 5 The Great Outdoors


Activity Book for Kids Issue 5 The Great Outdoors


This hand-drawn activity book is full of fun and paper games for you and your children to enjoy! This issue’s theme is “The Great Outdoors,” so lace up your hiking boots and get ready to solve puzzles, color pages, and learn all about the natural world and how to explore it.

Scoutaroo is an activity zine for kids ages 5-10. It’s great for car trips, weekends, or anytime you need some quiet activities that will inspire your kid’s natural sense of wonder and creativity!

Features in Issue #5
• 8.5x7 inches printed on a nice copy paper that will hold up to crayons, pencils, and scissors
• Semi-glossy color cover
• 21 pages of hand-drawn activities to complete and to color
• Fun facts about the Great Outdoors throughout the zine 
• Decode the password to the “Secret Clubhouse” with bonus activities and a sneak peek at the next issue

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