The Domes | Limited Edition of 50


The Domes | Limited Edition of 50

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This is my largest piece to date, and one of the most fun. I love stories about conspiracy theories and I love sci-fi, so some of my favorites are the stories about how aliens got to Earth WAY before us humans did. This was my imagining a pre-human world with abandoned structures in our own landscapes lost to time. I want to believe!

• This listing is for an archival quality giclee print on watercolor paper (made to order) of my original artwork, "The Domes."

• Giclee prints will be signed and numbered in a limited edition of 50 (various sizes), and come with a certificate of authenticity.

• Giclee prints are made with colorfast inks that will not fade from natural light so that you can enjoy your art print in the original richness of color for years to come! (Artwork and prints should never be placed in direct sunlight).

• Ships in a mailing tube with insurance for domestic destinations. 8X10 prints ship in a mailer in a poly bag on a mat backing.

SPACE COWGIRLS // This series is an exploration into themes of nostalgia, loss, and preservation through anachronistic dreamscapes. The series is set in the southwest because I fell in love with that part of the US after taking a trip into southern Utah and learning that my great grandma, who lived on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, also loved to paint those landscapes.

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