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September 2019 Print:


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$1 per month

Your reward is a warm feeling in your heart. And knowing you are contributing to my creative process! Hooray!



$10 per month

2 postcards AND a sticker of the Print-of-the-Month! Impress your friends with mail art! Or, you know, frame it and make a little print wall in your favorite place in your home.


Squad Captain

$40 per month

Get that same fancy schmancy small fine art Print-of-the-Month, but signed and numbered by me! Only 50 of these will ever be made. Ooh la la. Also, you get 2 postcards and a sticker.



$2 per month

All $2+ patrons get access to a downloadable wallpaper of the Print-of-the-Month for desktop and mobile


Space Cadet

$20 per month

A small matte photo print of the Print-of-the-Month, and 2 postcards and a sticker of the same.


Starship Commodore

$50 per month

Get all the stuff the Squad Captain gets, plus an original 6x6 sketch by me! It will be in colored pencil or pen and will be of something "Space Cowgirl” related.



$5 per month

Ooh, a sticker of the Print-of-the-Month! Plus, all $5+ patrons get an additional write-up from me of my thoughts on the Print-of-the-Month


Flight Officer

$30 per month

Get a fancy schmancy small fine art print of the Print-of-the-Month on velvet paper (that just means it’s archival quality and will last generations if properly cared for). Oh, also 2 postcards and a sticker, of course.


$75+ per month

You basically get to call the shots around here, Admiral. What would you like? Credit towards original paintings? Bigger prints? Let’s talk about it!


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