August 2018

Contact: Ciara Barsotti


Phone: 5307206423

Press/Media Contact: Margot Ginney


Up-and-Coming Female Southwest Sci-Fi Artist Featured in Leading Collector’s Magazine

Modern Western Art lovers take note – contemporary painter Ciara Barsotti’s career is about to lift off.

WILLIAMSBURG, VA – Ciara Barsotti is the southwestern landscape artist who is offering something a little different than sagebrush and clouds in her paintings, and influencers are noticing. Her name is listed along with 20 other young artists to watch in the September 2018 Southwest Art Magazine article called “21 Under 31.” Her work straddles the line between fine art and pop illustration, and that is what gives her paintings an edge for modern collectors in the West and across the country.

Barsotti’s vibrant and dramatic paintings on canvas feature a retro-futurist art flair, drawing in the viewer with a startling juxtaposition of female astronauts floating through western scenes. Her paintings, priced between $250-$3,500 in a size range from 12x16 inches to 3x4 feet, demand attention with saturated colors, bold cloudscapes, and their signature science fiction-inspired elements. Whether it’s a geodesic dome nestled between rock formations in Monument Valley, or a “Space Cowgirl” drifting across a color-charged sunset, Barsotti is able to integrate these design elements seamlessly into the landscapes she paints.

“I started drawing when I was a kid and have always loved the Wild West and Science Fiction stories. They really pair perfectly if you think about it. I’m just trying to keep the ‘Space Western’ alive in 2018,” said emerging female artist Ciara Barsotti. “Painting the Southwest is in my blood [her great grandmother lived on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and painted the landscapes there], but since I didn’t grow up there, the landscapes are all really magical and foreign to me. I try to capture that in my work.”

When asked if she will continue the “Space Cowgirls” series, Barsotti said, “Absolutely.” She said “the possibilities are endless for combinations of space girls and landscapes. I have no reason to quit when there’s still so much to paint!” Collectors of Western landscape art who are looking for a modern, futurist twist on the subject can see available paintings on her website,

  Spark in the Gloaming, acrylic, 18x36

Spark in the Gloaming, acrylic, 18x36