September 2019 Trip Report

Well this month totally slipped through my fingers. Fortunately that’s because it was chock full of travel and finishing/starting projects! Always a good feeling. And it’s the end of the quarter which means a new (and last!) quarter of the year is beginning, and I love beginnings almost as much as I love endings, haha.


  • Reality bites. Seriously. Everyone knows the feeling of getting back after an amazing trip and being hit by the doldrums of normal life, which always threatens to totally take the wind out of your sails. I’m no different.

  • Sickness also bites. I was sick for what felt like the entire last half of the month of September which is also a huge bummer, but because I was determined not to let Reality or Resistance keep me from creating, I kept on painting. Working from home also helps.

  • Travel is expensive. I really hope I sell LOTS of paintings at the Durango Arts Center!


  • Durango/Santa Fe Trip. This was a huge highlight of my summer! I loved every bit of this trip. You can read the whole report here.

  • Sold a painting at the Opening Reception!! Woop woop! Always a win!

  • Made some good contacts in Santa Fe. Walking your butt into galleries always creates opportunities for making contacts, lol.


  • Started a “merch for pet portraits” offering. Very exciting if you’ve ordered a pet portrait from me! See an example here.

  • Went on a 20 mile bike ride. Biking the Capital Trail is SO much fun. Jamie and I are planning on doing the whole thing before winter, from Williamsburg to Richmond (50 miles!)

  • Started a painting for Art of the Cosmos. It’s HUGE. 4x4 feet. I’m enjoying it so far and it should keep moving along at a pretty good pace if I can keep it up!

  • Got the ball rolling to offer framing. I know that framing is a huge hassle for some folks, so I want to offer a few simple options so when you place an order you can be ready to just throw it up on the wall!

  • Knit a pair of socks. Being stuck in an airport for 12 hours helped that get accomplished.

  • Ordered stickers for package goodies. I wanted to start putting my animal art stickers in pet portrait packages and now my stickers are on their way!


  • Go on a Ghost Tour. You know, for funsies.

  • Painting 5 days a week. Time to up my game, y’all. I’ve been averaging maybe one day a week all summer, I’m sad to say. I’ve moved my schedule around and it’ll be easier to get the painting in before client work now which gives me hope, haha.

  • Not doing Inktober. I’ve done it like three years in a row and I’m always SOOO done by the end. I’ll be focusing on getting pet portraits done at a faster rate than one per week instead.


  • Income: $465.02

  • Expenses: $820.39

  • Profit: -$355.37

Travel expenses and supply buys got on top of me. Hoping to sell a few more paintings at Durango and to keep up the pet portrait sales! Go buy one from me if you wanna help me get out of the hole, lol.

September has been a roller coaster, truly, and I’m excited to keep up the momentum I found by the end of it and carry that into October! Also, it’s FALL! Time to break out all those knits I’ve been working on, finally. YAY.