July 2019 Trip Report

This has been a weird month. Summer is not a particularly productive time for me (probably that summer break mindset) but it is a great time for reflection. Half the year is over and the next half is going to FLY by… it’s time to get my priorities straight and focus up!!


  • Summer Doldrums. I know I’m not the only one who suffers from this! It’s just been hard to find the motivation to do anything very creative. I let myself off the hook during the last week or two of the month because I was just frustrating myself. As the weather cools I predict my energy will increase!


  • I sold THREE paintings! 🎉🎉🎉 This is AMAZING and encouraging! And it helps offset the cost of vet bills, haha.

  • I raised my pet portrait prices. This was a scary step, but I’m worth it, haha. 😎With my busy season coming up (fall/winter) I wanted to make sure that it would be worth me making the time to make these portraits, and after crunching the numbers I realized I was undercharging for my time. So, up the prices went! We will see if it staunches the flow of orders or not… fingers crossed it doesn’t do too much damage to sale numbers. Another plus is I won’t need to do as many to make as much money. 👍

  • I’m taking good care of myself. Despite my lack of motivation in creative areas of my life, I’m getting good sleep, making better food choices, and going to the gym/getting exercise regularly. I will not take any of this for granted! It’s way easier said than done, as you know.


  • Decided what paintings to take with me to my show in Durango, Colorado in September.

  • Bought my plane ticket and make a rental car reservation for my show in Durango.

  • Painted four pet portraits.

  • Knitted a scarf, a cowl, a sock, and a hat or two, and started a fair isle cowl, the other sock, and another hat.

  • Went on a hike: Old Rag in Shenandoah

  • Started to reach out to First Friday Richmond venues


  • Get back into plein air painting

  • Daily sketching

  • Making a painting a week


  • Income: $2343.31

  • Expenses: $1116.37

  • Profit: $1226.94

Expenses this month included plane tickets, car reservations, and costs of goods sold. I also bought bubble wrap to ship paintings in August and a bunch of canvas boards to start plein air painting on. Expenses next month should be minimal (just COGS), but in September I’ll have to pay for the rest of the car reservation and travel/food expenses for my trip to Santa Fe! Hooray!

I imagine August will be similar to July! It’s summertime, y’all. Time to do a whole lotta nuthin. ;)