June 2019 Trip Report

June had fun summer times AND plenty of painting and portrait-making!


  • Client work/Art work balance. This is always tricky, but things were especially busy with client-work this month, and there were more than a few days where my own projects fell by the wayside. Every day is a new chance to achieve that sweet spot between working for a living and living, haha.

  • Cat Surgery. On the last Monday of the month, we took our cat, William Blake, to the vet for lethargy, vomiting, and lack of appetite… he had a huge piece of ribbon from one of his toys lodged in his stomach, which the doctor had to surgically remove. STUPID CAT! Thanks for making us prove our love to you with our finances.


  • Got 7 paid commissions this month. Hoo-yah!

  • The anti-depressants are working. Which is amaaaaaazing! I still have bad days but holy moly is it so much easier to dust myself off and move on. I’m feeling clear-headed and focused, full of energy and loving it.

  • Made my second “art therapy” painting. I had a diabetes scare earlier in the month (it was just a fluke, don’t worry) and immediately went to blaming myself for bad eating habits when I heard the initial news. The result was messy and kind of embarrassing, but it was hella cathartic. I think I’d like to do a series with these, but we’ll see if they continue to show up.

  • I feel like I have a handle on my technology. After reading “Digital Minimalism” by Cal Newport I did a few of the exercises and am MUCH happier with my day-to-day life and feeling like I am back in charge when it comes to device useage. I did my 30 day digital declutter and am loving all the extra free time I have!

  • I’m planning like a boss. Charlie Gilkey’s digital momentum planner has been a total game-changer. I LOVE this system. There’s quite a learning curve, but his approach is realistic and effective, which is hard to find in a lot of life-hacky planner gurus.


  • Thing I DIDN’T do: keep track of the things I did in a list! Oh well. Here are some things from memory/looking back through my planner:

  • Painted four more pet portraits

  • Made two more paintings and finished a third from last month

  • Reorganized my desk/workspace

  • Started knitting (and I am obsessed)

  • Read two novels

  • Started cooking more vegetarian meals at home

  • Kept up the kayaking, and got Jamie into it, too!


  • No-spend July (after our vet bill - $$$$)

  • Sew a summer dress

  • Knit a hat and scarf (winter is coming!)

    Repeated items:

  • Keep a consistent art practice going

  • Book a First Friday venue in 2019/2020

  • Stronger promotion of Print of the Month club in June


  • Income: $1,064.19

  • Expenses: $643.93

  • Profit: $420.26

I had several expenses this month: upping my subscription to my social media scheduler, buying more art supplies (paints and paper) from Blick Art, ordering more business cards, plus normal operating expenses (sales taxes, 10% donation to the Camp Fire fund, shipping costs, and costs of goods sold).

But, I was able to transfer $300 out of my account into our joint account after last month, which felt amazing, and it looks like I’ll be able to cover my plane tickets and car rental for my Durango, CO art show in September, which feels even better.

To summarize, my June was awesome and full of fun. Here I come, July!