Plains of the Purple Buffalo

Clearly I've had a thing for clouds and crazy surreal colors for a while. Did this little watercolor four years ago, and it kicked off my Buffalo series inspired by the @shelsmusic album "Plains of the Purple Buffalo." Still my favorite album of all time. This little watercolor (9x12 inches) still has a few limited edition prints available here, and the original is also available!

Fun fact: the album is based on the Neverending Story! Remember how Atreyu is from the Plains of the Purple Buffalo? There you go.

Tau & Sirius

Original available here

Original available here

Tau & Sirius, on their background! This is my favorite of my watercolor/colored pencil pieces since adding a Space Cowgirl (and Space Dog!) I'll be sharing the rest of the finished pieces soon! I made the backgrounds for these last few on a painting trip to Utah I took last summer. I wish I could go back to that magical land... Do you have a favorite vacation memory?

You can see this piece along with the other acrylic paintings in the series at Coffee Cat in Scotts Valley through the rest of the month. 👍