September 2019 Trip Report

Well this month totally slipped through my fingers. Fortunately that’s because it was chock full of travel and finishing/starting projects! Always a good feeling. And it’s the end of the quarter which means a new (and last!) quarter of the year is beginning, and I love beginnings almost as much as I love endings, haha.


  • Reality bites. Seriously. Everyone knows the feeling of getting back after an amazing trip and being hit by the doldrums of normal life, which always threatens to totally take the wind out of your sails. I’m no different.

  • Sickness also bites. I was sick for what felt like the entire last half of the month of September which is also a huge bummer, but because I was determined not to let Reality or Resistance keep me from creating, I kept on painting. Working from home also helps.

  • Travel is expensive. I really hope I sell LOTS of paintings at the Durango Arts Center!


  • Durango/Santa Fe Trip. This was a huge highlight of my summer! I loved every bit of this trip. You can read the whole report here.

  • Sold a painting at the Opening Reception!! Woop woop! Always a win!

  • Made some good contacts in Santa Fe. Walking your butt into galleries always creates opportunities for making contacts, lol.


  • Started a “merch for pet portraits” offering. Very exciting if you’ve ordered a pet portrait from me! See an example here.

  • Went on a 20 mile bike ride. Biking the Capital Trail is SO much fun. Jamie and I are planning on doing the whole thing before winter, from Williamsburg to Richmond (50 miles!)

  • Started a painting for Art of the Cosmos. It’s HUGE. 4x4 feet. I’m enjoying it so far and it should keep moving along at a pretty good pace if I can keep it up!

  • Got the ball rolling to offer framing. I know that framing is a huge hassle for some folks, so I want to offer a few simple options so when you place an order you can be ready to just throw it up on the wall!

  • Knit a pair of socks. Being stuck in an airport for 12 hours helped that get accomplished.

  • Ordered stickers for package goodies. I wanted to start putting my animal art stickers in pet portrait packages and now my stickers are on their way!


  • Go on a Ghost Tour. You know, for funsies.

  • Painting 5 days a week. Time to up my game, y’all. I’ve been averaging maybe one day a week all summer, I’m sad to say. I’ve moved my schedule around and it’ll be easier to get the painting in before client work now which gives me hope, haha.

  • Not doing Inktober. I’ve done it like three years in a row and I’m always SOOO done by the end. I’ll be focusing on getting pet portraits done at a faster rate than one per week instead.


  • Income: $465.02

  • Expenses: $820.39

  • Profit: -$355.37

Travel expenses and supply buys got on top of me. Hoping to sell a few more paintings at Durango and to keep up the pet portrait sales! Go buy one from me if you wanna help me get out of the hole, lol.

September has been a roller coaster, truly, and I’m excited to keep up the momentum I found by the end of it and carry that into October! Also, it’s FALL! Time to break out all those knits I’ve been working on, finally. YAY.

Pets on Merch!

Pets on Merch! Image.png

Now you can take your pet portrait with you.

Put the pet portrait you ordered and love on your clothes, or your phone, or laptop, or tote bag, or as a sticker, a mug, a pillow, a clock, a bathmat, ANYTHING. Heckin' surround yourself with pictures of your pet, I don't care. You do you, friend.

If you'd like to see ALLLL the options of things you can get your pet's portrait on, take a look at these two examples of what a colorful pet portrait might look like, or an ink drawing portrait.

I'm especially excited to be able to offer this option to you because it has the potential to make the portrait you ordered the gift that keeps on giving, lol!! If you ordered a pet portrait as a gift last year for a loved one, now you can give them bonus gifts this year! Easy peasy, right?? (Or you can send subtle or not-so-subtle hints to your loved ones for the upcoming holidays for YOUR wishlist) 😉

Keep scrolling to learn how to order, or dive right in with this button:


How to Order Pet Merch

  1. Hit reply to this email

  2. Tell me you want pet merch and be sure to include the pet's name whose portrait you ordered

  3. I will send you a link so you can order whatever the heck you want your pet portrait on from my Redbubble site

  4. Place your order on Redbubble and await your package full of pet portrait goodies!

If you click this button you'll get an auto-filled email where all you have to do is type your pet's name and hit "send," if you have a need for total convenience:

I am so excited to be able to offer this to all y'all! Do let me know if you have any questions at all or if I can do more portraits for you (the sooner the better if you want it to gift for the holiday season!). I especially love doing portraits for past customers 💜

Thank you!

Bonus Trip Report: Traipsing Through The High Desert

I'm sitting on my couch on this Saturday morning, rested and recovered from my whirlwind trip through the southwest, and feeling very excited about what's around the corner for me and my work... but first, I promised you a trip report with pictures, so here goes! If you want more pictures, take a look at my Instagram.

Travel to Durango went very smoothly, and I got in to Cloud Ranch around 8 pm. The sun had set and I was feeling tired but relaxed from the long day, so I settled in for a sleep after meeting Candyce and her dogs, Django and Luna (who I drew these pictures of!)


The next day I went into town to help with set up of my work at the Durango Art Center - they'd already done most of the work which was awesome, so I wandered around downtown for a couple of hours before picking up some yarn on my way back to the ranch to relax till my family got into town 😉

It was a delightful twist of fate that my family got to be there with me - my parents and 18 yo brother Logan happened to be moving back to California from Nebraska during the time my reception was scheduled, and they picked up my other brother Ryan from his home in Colorado on their way down! We enjoyed the ranch and each other's company while we waited for the reception to start.


Finally it was reception time! My work was in the entrada - so everyone had to go through it in order to get to the other shows. Extra foot traffic is never a bad thing! I had several folks come over and ask me questions, and I even sold a painting!! Definitely a morale boost - especially since I had pretty effectively set my expectations low based on past experience at opening receptions, haha. It was a great turnout and I got a great response!

That night I said goodbye to my family since they had to be on their way to the next stage of their trip early the next morning. I had a relaxing morning on Saturday... I enjoyed a homemade breakfast by Candyce, a few more moments with the pups, and soaking up the patio at Cloud Ranch.

I had to pull myself away at some point, and Candyce recommended I stop at Chimney Rock National Monument and Pagosa Springs, and I am so glad I did! Always take the local's recommendations when you travel, folks. It always pays off.

Chimney Rock (and Companion Rock, to the left) is yet another southwestern geological wonder in that every 18 years it perfectly frames the lunar standstill. Ancient Pueblans built a bunch of structures, some for living and some for ceremony, up on this big ol' crest of rock where you can get an excellent view of that framing when it happens. Methinks there is a future painting based on this trip! (Also note my flip flops in the "made it to the top" photo - yes it was a bit of a scramble, but you can hardly count a 200 foot gain as a hike, haha).


After that delicious little detour I continued on the way and stopped in Pagosa Springs, which is known for it's hot springs. There are free ones you can park close to and dip your feetsies in, which I helped myself to before I got rained out. That was fun in its own right!


I managed to time my trip to be driving through Abiquiu at golden hour - SO worth it! The Echo Amphitheater was back lit but still lovely and awe-inspiring, and I got some great shots of the lovely rocks from the side of the road.


I arrived in Santa Fe after dark to my friend Roxanne Darling's loft where she had a perfect little set up for me to come home to after long days of gallery-viewing. The next day I went downtown and enjoyed some Fry Bread at the Fiesta that was happening in the plaza between visiting galleries. A little later in the afternoon I walked over to another yarn shop where they were having a social knitting session and of course I had some socks with me so I took a seat and socialized for a bit! And left with some yarn, obviously.

Later that evening, Roxanne and I went to Meow Wolf, which was absolutely delightful and so much fun! I would recommend it to anyone in the area (and they're opening new spaces in Las Vegas and Denver!). It was a playground of sci-fi, the paranormal, crazy colors, sounds, stories, secrets, and so much more. I loved it!!


The next day I went to explore Canyon Road to visit some of the galleries that had long been on my list to visit. I was not disappointed!! By the time Roxanne met up with me and we went to a couple other big galleries in the rail yard I was galleried out, haha. But also full of inspiration and ideas and excited to get back into the studio!

The next morning I made a quick stop over at Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument on my way to Albuquerque to catch my plane - totally worth it! I only wish I had more time to hike. And so another idea for a painting is hatched...


The last leg of the journey turned out to be its own adventure when my 7:11pm departure time from Atlanta to Richmond turned into a 6:00 am departure time! By the time they let us know the flight was leaving in the morning it was after midnight and too late to find and get to a hotel and back in time for security and departure, so I just stayed put. I tried sleeping but it was too loud and bright for any of that, so instead I put on The Dark Crystal and knit through the wee hours of the morning. I finally got home at 9 am on Wednesday and collapsed into bed for a few hours of sleep before waking up and trying to get some client work done!

And now it's the weekend, which means lazy mornings and bike rides and pet portrait making and putting the house in order before the next week begins on Monday... and I am raring to get back to my easel after this adventure in the southwest!

Follow along on what I'll be working on over on Instagram and stay tuned for the next newsletter in just a few weeks.

Thanks for reading & being along for the ride,

♥︎ Ciara

August 2019 Trip Report

Hello friendos,

August has been a roller coaster, right on the tails of the weird month that was July. Summers are just a bizarre combination of busy and lazy, and I’ve had a LOT of extra stuff going on in my life that you just can’t plan for! But, I’m all ready for September and I’m excited for things to come, and that’s what counts.


  • Relationships are hard. Saying goodbye to friends and dealing with the bumps in the road that is marriage just isn’t easy. Sometimes I want to go live in the middle of the desert with a dog and never see another human being in my life, but I know that would be lonely and pretty dang boring, even with a perfect pooch. Plus I’d miss William Blake. So it goes.

  • Lack of Direction. I’m feeling pretty burnt out on landscape but it wasn’t until the end of this month that I was ready to admit it and start looking at other avenues. These pet portraits seem to be going pretty well so I think I’ll invest a little more energy down that path. We’ll see how it goes!

  • Excuses, excuses. I’m learning that I am excellent at coming up with excuses for myself and why I don’t do the things I say I want to do, which includes everything from going on runs to plein air painting. Fortunately ‘back to school’ season is usually a productive time for me and it’s much easier to stick to a routine in the fall for whatever reason (thanks, American school system).


  • Relationships get better. Jamie (my husband) and I have been fighting a lot but we’ve also made a lot of breakthroughs, so I’ll take it.

  • I’m learning to be kinder to myself. Next I have to learn how to keep pushing myself and not be too kind. But for now I’m enjoying the extra kindness and letting myself off the hook while things are tumultuous.

  • I got my art shipped out to Durango! I packed it all and made the labels and spent $150 in shipping but it’s on its way for the art show there in September and October!


  • Pet portraits. I’m all caught up finally! Order more because I love doing them!

  • Ordered stickers and prints for the Durango show. Sadly the prints aren’t going to get here in time, but I’ll use them eventually.

  • Went on a 13 mile bike ride. Didn’t do much else exercise-wise this month due to travel and injury but that definitely counted!

  • Went to visit a friend in Philadelphia. It’s always awesome to get away and see good friends

  • Said goodbye to a good friend. I am so sad that our friend Laura is across the country now! Job hunting sucks.


  • PAINTING. I did surprisingly little painting this month so I’d like to get back into it. I have my Art of the Cosmos show painting to start and after that I have some fun ideas I’m pretty excited about… stay tuned!

  • Adding a frame option to prints and commissions. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while but I think folks want convenience when they shop online and ordering a thing that they then have to spend more money on to USE it (aka hang it on the wall) seems stupid, so I’d like to have a full set of framing options up at the end of September.

  • Pet Portraits on Merchandise. I’d like to start offering merchandise of people’s pet portraits to them! Redbubble has a private listing feature so I can send a link after I ship the portraits so folks can get their portraits on mugs, t-shirts, stickers, whatever.

  • Animal Art Stickers in packages. Just for funsies.


  • Income: $548.61

  • Expenses: $788.29

  • Profit: -$239.68

Art shows are expensive, y’all (especially when you have to pay for prints AND shipping in the same month - poor planning on my part). I also got fewer pet portrait orders this month than last month, I’m guessing partly because I had stopped running the facebook ad and partly because I raised my prices, but it gave me a chance to catch up in the queue and now I have a chance to tighten up the process and offer even more to my customers!

September, I am so ready for you!!

July 2019 Trip Report

This has been a weird month. Summer is not a particularly productive time for me (probably that summer break mindset) but it is a great time for reflection. Half the year is over and the next half is going to FLY by… it’s time to get my priorities straight and focus up!!


  • Summer Doldrums. I know I’m not the only one who suffers from this! It’s just been hard to find the motivation to do anything very creative. I let myself off the hook during the last week or two of the month because I was just frustrating myself. As the weather cools I predict my energy will increase!


  • I sold THREE paintings! 🎉🎉🎉 This is AMAZING and encouraging! And it helps offset the cost of vet bills, haha.

  • I raised my pet portrait prices. This was a scary step, but I’m worth it, haha. 😎With my busy season coming up (fall/winter) I wanted to make sure that it would be worth me making the time to make these portraits, and after crunching the numbers I realized I was undercharging for my time. So, up the prices went! We will see if it staunches the flow of orders or not… fingers crossed it doesn’t do too much damage to sale numbers. Another plus is I won’t need to do as many to make as much money. 👍

  • I’m taking good care of myself. Despite my lack of motivation in creative areas of my life, I’m getting good sleep, making better food choices, and going to the gym/getting exercise regularly. I will not take any of this for granted! It’s way easier said than done, as you know.


  • Decided what paintings to take with me to my show in Durango, Colorado in September.

  • Bought my plane ticket and make a rental car reservation for my show in Durango.

  • Painted four pet portraits.

  • Knitted a scarf, a cowl, a sock, and a hat or two, and started a fair isle cowl, the other sock, and another hat.

  • Went on a hike: Old Rag in Shenandoah

  • Started to reach out to First Friday Richmond venues


  • Get back into plein air painting

  • Daily sketching

  • Making a painting a week


  • Income: $2343.31

  • Expenses: $1116.37

  • Profit: $1226.94

Expenses this month included plane tickets, car reservations, and costs of goods sold. I also bought bubble wrap to ship paintings in August and a bunch of canvas boards to start plein air painting on. Expenses next month should be minimal (just COGS), but in September I’ll have to pay for the rest of the car reservation and travel/food expenses for my trip to Santa Fe! Hooray!

I imagine August will be similar to July! It’s summertime, y’all. Time to do a whole lotta nuthin. ;)

June 2019 Trip Report

June had fun summer times AND plenty of painting and portrait-making!


  • Client work/Art work balance. This is always tricky, but things were especially busy with client-work this month, and there were more than a few days where my own projects fell by the wayside. Every day is a new chance to achieve that sweet spot between working for a living and living, haha.

  • Cat Surgery. On the last Monday of the month, we took our cat, William Blake, to the vet for lethargy, vomiting, and lack of appetite… he had a huge piece of ribbon from one of his toys lodged in his stomach, which the doctor had to surgically remove. STUPID CAT! Thanks for making us prove our love to you with our finances.


  • Got 7 paid commissions this month. Hoo-yah!

  • The anti-depressants are working. Which is amaaaaaazing! I still have bad days but holy moly is it so much easier to dust myself off and move on. I’m feeling clear-headed and focused, full of energy and loving it.

  • Made my second “art therapy” painting. I had a diabetes scare earlier in the month (it was just a fluke, don’t worry) and immediately went to blaming myself for bad eating habits when I heard the initial news. The result was messy and kind of embarrassing, but it was hella cathartic. I think I’d like to do a series with these, but we’ll see if they continue to show up.

  • I feel like I have a handle on my technology. After reading “Digital Minimalism” by Cal Newport I did a few of the exercises and am MUCH happier with my day-to-day life and feeling like I am back in charge when it comes to device useage. I did my 30 day digital declutter and am loving all the extra free time I have!

  • I’m planning like a boss. Charlie Gilkey’s digital momentum planner has been a total game-changer. I LOVE this system. There’s quite a learning curve, but his approach is realistic and effective, which is hard to find in a lot of life-hacky planner gurus.


  • Thing I DIDN’T do: keep track of the things I did in a list! Oh well. Here are some things from memory/looking back through my planner:

  • Painted four more pet portraits

  • Made two more paintings and finished a third from last month

  • Reorganized my desk/workspace

  • Started knitting (and I am obsessed)

  • Read two novels

  • Started cooking more vegetarian meals at home

  • Kept up the kayaking, and got Jamie into it, too!


  • No-spend July (after our vet bill - $$$$)

  • Sew a summer dress

  • Knit a hat and scarf (winter is coming!)

    Repeated items:

  • Keep a consistent art practice going

  • Book a First Friday venue in 2019/2020

  • Stronger promotion of Print of the Month club in June


  • Income: $1,064.19

  • Expenses: $643.93

  • Profit: $420.26

I had several expenses this month: upping my subscription to my social media scheduler, buying more art supplies (paints and paper) from Blick Art, ordering more business cards, plus normal operating expenses (sales taxes, 10% donation to the Camp Fire fund, shipping costs, and costs of goods sold).

But, I was able to transfer $300 out of my account into our joint account after last month, which felt amazing, and it looks like I’ll be able to cover my plane tickets and car rental for my Durango, CO art show in September, which feels even better.

To summarize, my June was awesome and full of fun. Here I come, July!

May 2019 Trip Report

Another month in the books! May was awesome, and you’ll see why:


  • Fewer new Patron sign-ups than I hoped for. I did get some new patrons joining the Print of the Month Club, but of course I wanted more! The more the merrier (and the more = the lower my cost of producing the prints). Still working on getting the word out about this… follow-up is tough.

  • Depression. This one hung around for a couple of weeks into May, but…


  • I started taking anti-depressants. The drug I started on had some annoying side effects (restlessness, twitchiness, weird muscle tension) but so far my mood has improved and stayed consistent. I met with my doc about the side effects and we’re trying something new… we’ll see how it goes!

  • I made my first “art therapy” painting in years. I’m not ready to share it yet, but let’s just say it was actually really fun and very cathartic!

  • I’ve got opportunities lining up. I haven’t even had to LOOK for them, they just keep showing up in my inbox! An artist residency in Italy reached out to me, a cool AR-hosting site offered me a free artist account, my friend Ann sent me an art fair application, and another friend Michele hooked me up with a gallery up in Fairfax that I’m planning a trip to visit and in talks with.

  • I feel like I’ve got a handle on life. It’s a great feeling, lemme tell you. I have energy, I have clarity, I’m letting myself do more of nothing and using my screens less and with more intention (I highly recommend “Digital Minimalism” by Cal Newport which I got from my library and could not put down!!)

  • I’m painting consistently. I have two paintings almost finished, a third completed, and a fourth started. That feels great! I’m saving the new work for a big reveal at my Durango Art Center (DAC) show in Durango, CO, in September!

  • The Art of the Cosmos updated their site (and I’m on it!). This is a show coming up in April of next year in LA that I am really excited about!!


  • I made several updates to my site throughout the month, including adjusting links, adding images, and migrating my entire “Scoutaroo Zine” site onto my main site and upgrading it.

  • I started two ad campaigns, one for pet portraits (and have received lots of great inquiries and even a couple of orders from it!) and one for the PotM club.

  • I reached out to Olly Olly Art Gallery, Hey There Gallery, and submitted to Create Magazine, Banditto Art Residency, and an art fair in NYC.

  • I followed up with a couple of past buyers to see how they’re liking their work and if they’re interested in anything else I have available.

  • I started and (have almost) finished three paintings and started a fourth


  • Keep a consistent art practice going

  • Book a First Friday venue in 2019/2020

  • Stronger promotion of Print of the Month club in June


  • Income: $875.84

  • Expenses: $443.06

  • Profit: $546.88

  • I have flights to book, a car to rent, and art to ship for Durango in September - profit is going toward those expenses and to supplies (been buying a ton of canvases and new paints this month!)

I’m looking forward to a quiet couple of months this summer to put my head down and focus on making some new paintings! I’ve also discovered Waller Mill Park which is just five minutes from my house and has a few miles of trails and KAYAK RENTALS!! I went kayaking for the first time in years last weekend and I can’t wait to do it again very soon (as soon as my shoulders aren’t sore anymore from the first time, haha).

Thanks for being along for the ride!

I Am A Serious Artist (who likes to draw dragon comics)


Throwback to my art from 13 years ago this month. At 15 years old I was just as obsessed with likes on DeviantART then as I am with likes on IG today. Not much has changed except now I'm afraid to even draw dragons and aliens because I did that when I was a teenager, so lame right, pfffttt...

I had the distinct feeling when I was a teenager that nobody took me seriously. My art teacher, my parents, my pastors. I was dismissed for being too angsty, too dark, too melodramatic, for asking too much of the world and it's people. I was always told I would (or got the feeling I was expected to) grow out of it, whatever “it” was. Whether that perception had any basis in reality, it was an overarching theme in my teenage years. It's carried over to now, at age 28, and I'm afraid to draw what I really want to draw because I'm terrified that it's not going to be taken seriously.

I mean, dragons and aliens and fantasy and sci-fi nerds are always the butt of jokes, always considered adolescent on some level, but heck, Game of Thrones has captivated the grown-ass adults in this country, so obviously SOME PEOPLE still like dragons. But also, have you ever seen a dragon painting at a fine art gallery? (If there are figurines of wizards holding crystal balls with “Made in China” on the bottom of them in the same building, it does not count).

I'm caught between worlds right now, on the cusp of finishing "The Artist's Way" and realizing I'm at a crossroads. Do I go down the "serious" road of being a "fine artist"? Or do I go down the "silly" path towards the stuff I actually like? Comics and dragons and aliens and crazy character designs and floating islands and the deserts of Tatooine?

You know, nobody told me I couldn't do both, either.

Don’t ask me why there was ever a divide between “fine art” and “illustration.” To me, it’s the same as the divide between “sacred” and “secular.” Those of you who have grown up in certain religious settings will understand me here. Trying to separate things by distinct categories never really worked well with humans, because things can’t really be divided up by truly objective measures. We’re all making up definitions of categories as we go so we can put each other into boxes, into weight classes. The heavy hitters (the “fine artists”) can’t be in the same competitive pool as the lightweights (“illustrators”). The analogy falls apart there, because I do understand how categorizing things can be useful, but here’s the crux of my comparison between “fine art and illustration” with “sacred and secular”:

One is not inherently better than the other.

In fact, they can’t be separated. Not really. They’re cut from the same cloth. God blasphemed Its own dang self when It made us in Its image. What can be holy? What isn’t sacred? What is fine art that doesn’t evoke some communication? What is illustration without craftsmanship and mastery?

We live in a world where not only can we not leave things alone and we MUST categorize and define everything, we then go so far as to insist on assigning a value to the categories we’ve sorted. We do this everywhere, all the time, I really don’t need to start citing examples, but I will: race, body size, gender, income/career, education, address, etc etc etc... Every aspect of life is sorted and measured in human society. In this case, 9 times out of 10, the “fine artist” is given the prestige, the higher value, over the “illustrator.” And for some reason I realize I desperately WANT that prestige. But why? What would prestige get me anyway?

Whatever the dumb economic reason is to preserve a status quo that is broken for most of us, I don’t want to play by those rules anymore. If I want to put flippin’ dragons into my paintings, I will! Or if I don’t, I won’t! (Dragons are actually hard to paint and I’m actually a pretty lazy painter). If I want to put an alien on a desert landscape instead of a space girl, I will! (I mean, that one’s not much of a reach, in fact, it’s kind of the natural progression of things, don’t you think?) If I start painting portraits of orcs (not a bad idea, actually) and everybody laughs at me and wonders why I can’t go back to painting pretty pictures of the desert (or wonders why I have to put those space girls on them at all), who the fork cares? If I want to start making comic books and never pick up a paint brush again, I WILL!

I’m a relatively young artist at age 28. But then again, 28 is like 758 in Internet Years. So sometimes I feel pretty old when I realize I’m just now figuring this out: I can do whatever the heck I want with my art. It’s MY art. I have the luxury of not needing to depend on it for my income, either (which is a whole ‘nother issue I’m sure I’ll tackle in another post some day in the future).

I don’t need to be taken seriously to make art. YOU don’t need to be taken seriously to make art. Take your own damn self seriously. Everybody else can go eat snot. Byeeee!


P.S. I still love my Space Cowgirls series and I never want to stop. Please represent me, Fancy Galleries. K, bye 4 realz.

April 2019 Trip Report

Ok, first official monthly “trip report” for those of you interested in following along in my journey to becoming a full-time artist. I have a lot of background to get through and a lot to report this month, so BUCKLE IN for some long-ass, radically-transparent bullet-points!


  • Depression - I am seeing a therapist and seriously considering medication. My depression is actually relatively mild but it can be debilitating and it seems to be happening more and more regularly, and I don’t got time for that.

  • No Sales at my Glen Echo Park/Park View Gallery show - This was a huge blow for me. I knew I needed to manage my expectations better and I should have realized the space was too out-of-the-way for a lot of foot traffic, but I still had too much hope and self-worth banked on selling something. I always do. I’m working on it.

  • Scarcity Mindset > High Expectations > Self-fulfilling Prophecy of Perceived Failure - I’m realizing how much this pattern affects my mood and my day-to-day activities, and I’m actively working to change it. For example: I give myself way too much to do on a daily basis, can’t do it all/feel overwhelmed, and then feel like there’s “never enough time/money/energy” and I feel like a failure. This madness has to stop! I am starting by only giving myself one “extra” task to do a day (writing this blog post counts as a big extra task), and also trying to repeat mantras and affirmations that there IS enough time/energy/me to make it happen, whatever “it” happens to be.

  • Rest - I suck at this. I’m trying to be better about letting myself rest.

  • Dropbox - For some dang reason my dropbox has been having syncing issues. This is stressing me out and I need to schedule some time to just deal with it already so I know my stuff is safe & sound (that stuff is my livelihood!)

  • Making time to create vs. time to make money - I have a couple of clients who I do virtual assistant work for and I am SO grateful to them because they are basically bankrolling my artistic endeavors, and they are awesome to work for, but I always wish I had more time to make. On the flip side, I have a bad habit of using client work to procrastinate on my creative work (because let’s face it, creative work is HARD and it’s easier to use the “too busy” excuse than to maybe waste a whole painting session).


  • An Amazing Opening Reception at the Park View Gallery - which also happened to be my birthday! My friends were there and all super supportive, I gave my very first Artist Talk (so fancy!) and I got lots of great feedback and comments from the folks who wandered through! I was walking on cloud 9 after that event.

  • Learning About Myself - between The Artist’s Way, therapy, and my new favorite planner and the amazing team behind it, I am figuring out the mental traps I find myself in and how to get back out of them (see “Struggles” section). I’m also realizing that maybe I need medication.

  • Got myself a Totem - his name is Noah (they have a medium-sized, multi-colored one at my therapist’s office and I got an identical one and I love him)

  • Got myself a mani/pedi - I’m trying to be more generous with myself and treat myself more. Also I forgot how much I love pedicures.

  • Sold 2 pet portraits - My most expensive options, too! That felt good! I love doing those so this was definitely a win.

  • Got some new Print of the Month Club Members - Always a win! I love it when people love my work enough to want to buy stuff on a monthly basis, it feels great!

Things I Did

  • Talking to people at my art reception (a novel idea!) - this worked WELL. I approached almost everyone who came through armed with the question, “which piece do you like best?” which requires a positive response and is not a yes-or-no question… I got some great feedback that way!

  • Pet Portrait Ads on Facebook - did not work well, partly due to budget. I did get a couple hundred clicks on the ad, which is promising! I do have more of an advertising budget going forward so I’ll be able to experiment more with this in the near future

  • Started the Print of the Month Club - I got a couple of new patrons and several upgrades out of this re-structuring of my Patreon page! Definitely worth it. My husband and I came up with this new tier structure together and I am so grateful that he shared the initial idea with me, because this is so much more sustainable!

  • Applied for the Harpo Foundation Grant - funny story on this one… I remembered I had written down some grant urls and thought, huh, I should check the deadlines on that, and this one was due THAT DAY. So I stopped everything and applied! It was an easy application and only cost $15 so we’ll see what happens!

  • Started a painting of Craters of the Moon - I like how it has turned out so far! I’m not 100% on what I want to do to finish it, but we’ll see. I’ve got plenty of time before Durango and all it needs is the final finishing touches.

  • Consolidated into my main website/upgraded my main website - Thanks Squarespace! Also, I am SO grateful to myself that I decided to stop making Scoutaroo for a while. It’s allowed me so much more time and mental space to try to figure out what I’m doing next “fine art”-wise.

Things To Try Next Month

  • NOT sharing everything on social media - It feels like if you aren’t posting something new every day/week you aren’t doing enough, and it drives me crazy. Between now and the Durango show in September I’m keeping my works-in-progress close and only sharing in my newsletter.

  • Follow up with previous buyers - I need to go back through my Etsy shop and send out little convos here and there to folks who have left good reviews and have purchased from me in the past, and maybe redirect them to the new site & the newsletter. I’ve actually made sales doing this, so it’s worth it!

  • Apply to First Friday Events - Between Richmond and VA Beach there are plenty of places that I’m sure need artists to fill their walls! I need to make a list of the participating galleries and start sending out feelers (I’ve already got a good conversation started with a gallery up in Fairfax, maybe for a 2020 show!)

  • Experiment with FB Ads - I mentioned I have a budget now (thanks to a friend & benefactor on the inside at Facebook), and it’s on my list next week to spend some time thinking about an ad strategy for pet portraits and for print of the month club. This was another reason for upgrading my SQSP site - now I can use that powerful Facebook Pixel tool and put my ads to work. Muahahaha!

  • Related to above - integrate MailChimp and SQSP - I know I can do a lot more here, too. It’s on my calendar in May to take a look into.


  • Income: $663.57

  • Expenses: $351.51

  • Profit: $312.06

  • I am planning on saving money for the Durango show going forward (I have to ship the work and get myself halfway across the country) so I am grateful for that profit!

I really have a lot to be proud of from the last month, despite not selling any original paintings! And that just means I have less to do for the Durango Art Center show in September, anyway, so I can’t REALLY complain. Till next time, keep on keepin’ on, friendos!

Announcing the Print of the Month Club!

Hey, guess what?!


I've officially released a whole new set of reward tiers over on that I'm calling the Print of the Month Club! Now you can choose desktop/mobile wallpapers, stickers, postcards, prints, and more based on a different image from my catalog every month. It's a great way to start collecting your favorite paintings of mine in print-form.

So, head on over to and click the big orange "Become a Patron" button on the right-hand side up there to take a look at the rewards you get for supporting me! I've also got some new goals set up - let's see if we can get to that first one before May (when the FIRST PRINT ships out!) Be thinking of your questions... 

If you've been following me for a while and you'd like to help me keep doing what I love and making this work AND start collecting my past work, please consider becoming a patron and join the club!

Also, help me spread the word about the Print of the Month Club by sharing this post on your socials! Thanks for doing that!

Why I Think I Do What I Do

Originally shared in a newsletter on January 24, 2019

Something I've been asking myself a lot is, why am I drawn to paint what I paint? The answer is more elusive than you'd think it would be. I mean, I love the desert, I love mountains, but I could just paint deserts and mountains as they are. They're beautiful enough without their colors made crazy and cowgirls and domes jumbled up in them, aren't they? Why do I feel the need to embellish on the perfect beauty of nature?

Maybe it's because I'm a human being, and humans seem to have an insatiable urge to modify their surroundings. Maybe it's because God made me in Her image, and She is a creator, too, and I'm just flexing the divine in me. Maybe it's because I think landscapes are nice, but bizarre landscapes are more fun to look at. If I can paint a dome in there or stick a space girl on there, why wouldn't I? I can play in my own world, put my own spin on the natural beauty of this planet.

Maybe it's because I'm drawn to the mysterious. Maybe I like to make people wonder what the heck an astronaut is doing in the American Desert, or what that dome or those spires are doing nestled in our national landmarks, our familiar landscapes. Maybe it's all of these things.

Whatever the reason, I'm going to keep doing it, but mostly because I like doing it and it's fun to do.