Ciara Barsotti

Hi, My name is Ciara and I make Art

My work is heavily inspired by my family heritage with a healthy amount of imagination (and an unhealthy obsession with a select number of conspiracy theories) thrown in for good measure. My great grandmother raised a family on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and created dozens of paintings of those beautiful American desert landscapes, some of which I have on my own walls. I only made the connection with this facet of my family history after taking a plein air painting trip to Southern Utah and falling in love with the geographic splendor there. The Space Cowgirls are my contribution to the ongoing love story with the American Southwest that I share with many people and makers before me.


I was born in Ireland in 1991 and moved back to California with my parents in 1993. I grew up in Davis, CA where I was homeschooled with my younger brother, and moved to a little town called Paradise when I was in Jr. High with my parents and (by then) two younger brothers. After graduating high school I married my husband, Jamison, who was studying mathematics at Chico State in 2010. We lived in Santa Cruz county for five years while Jamison finished his Ph.D at UCSC, and have recently relocated to Williamsburg, Virginia for the next phase of our adventure living life together.

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